Student Gallery教學成果
羊群效應 Sheep Flock
楊皓慈、吳姵萤、古寶晶、張有慈 / 應用美術學系



導演 : 古寶晶
執行製作人 : 吳姵螢
製片 : 楊皓慈
美術 : 張有慈

Here is our graduation production.
We are four people group, graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University.

The story is about: Basic on the angle of greed, using food to be our subject.
Eating artificial babies and the buried truth to reflect the distortion of human psyche.

Director: Zue Ku
Executive Producer: Wu Pei-Ying
Producer: Yang Hao-Cih
Art Director: Jhang You-Cih

The Moon Grotto
from Sword & Sworcery: Moon Grotto 7" by scntfco