2018 跨國遠距實習計畫【美國創新顧問公司 Inly LLC篇】
活動 Nov 22, 2017

   招募期間:即日起 至 12月15日(晚間22:00)



  ​ 主辦單位:輔大創意設計中心


Inly is an international innovation consulting firm founded out of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and working with startups and multinationals to empower transformative business solutions. Inly helps organizations to act like startups, creating for them systems to discover and pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. Inly helps startups and would-be entrepreneurs by plugging them into an international network of collaborators and clients. 

Our work in Taiwan is focused on the transition in emphasis from a manufacturing based economy to an innovation and service economy. We are excited to be working with Fu Jen in their amazing efforts to expand the scope of education to prepare students for the changing demands in the working world, creating international thinkers, empathetic researchers, versatile team mates, creative problem solvers, and effective representatives of bold new ideas. 

   INLY LLC 實習招募

1. Web Developer >> 點我申請

● Possible creation of a two-sided marketplace, accepting information from online users and changing the website displays accordingly.
● Possible creation or arrangement of a video conferencing web app allowing moderator control.
● Other possible web development projects. 

​2. ​Visual Designer >> 點我申請

● Creating the look and feel of the Inly brand.
● Design of various flyers and advertisements.

​3. ​Translator >> 點我申請

● Between English and Taiwanese characters.
● Between English and simplified Chinese characters.

4. ​​​Digital Animator >> 點我申請

● Creation of animated videos summarizing projects and instructions.
● Creation of animated videos celebrating successes.

5. ​Video Producer >> 點我申請

● Creation of films showcasing Fu Jen activity and talent.
● Help out with the documentary of Inly's experiences in Taiwan in October.
● Help create a short advertisement for the Taiwan market showcasing Inly's workshops. 

6. ​Fashion Line Developer ​​>> 點我申請

● Designs for clothing related to Inly's efforts.
● Coordinating with suppliers.

7. ​​​Event Coordinator >> 點我申請

● Design of events to increase collaboration and further shared goals.
● Coordination and advertising for the events.

8. ​​​​​Music Organizer >> 點我申請

● Recording and promotion of student bands.
● Benefit concert to drive community engagement.

9. Social Media Coordinator >> 點我申請

● Coordinating all social media on behalf of Inly
● Posting media through Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, and Inly's website.

​10. ​​​Your Own Project >> 點我申請

● A fantastic idea you have for a project that Inly can support. 

Inly will select students based on passion and talent, and we are willing to be flexible about the format of an internship to meet the needs of a quality candidate. 
Applicants should expect at least a 5-hour / week commitment as well as a weekly call with Inly's head coordinator.